From the Small Screen to the Big Screen: Building Universal Windows App Experiences with XAML

Play From the Small Screen to the Big Screen: Building Universal Windows App Experiences with XAML
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Windows runs on millions of devices around the world from Raspberry Pi to 10-foot console experiences in Xbox and everything in between.  Let us show you how the Windows native UI platform enables you to write common code that spans these screens allowing you to deliver adaptive and tailored experiences for any Windows device.





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The Discussion

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    Mid quality is same as low, pointing to same links? And same issue with so many other videos. 

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    Joseph Hinkle

    So excited. Windows 10 is going to be a great change for developers!

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    Daniel Le Couilliard

    Would be good if someone could equalize the sound on these video's. I have sensitive hearing.

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    hello indisers from the a new build on internet page on im looking on andswers for dedails or cant you y page s in the internet syts to big sherm or no y wurk now on the internet windows 8.1 whit start shem exporer 11 whit great big sherm cant this or in the micrososft the edge how whis that dat so as im cant now working y hoop so that my snswers good as

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    The "important" scale factors called out here (100, 200, 400) are different from the "important" scale factors called out in the presentation on continuum(100, 150, 300) so should we support all 5 scale factors?

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    The design guidelines strongly recommend snapping to a 4 (effective) pixel grid, a lot screens out there aren't a whole multiple of 4 (effective) pixels, the Surface 3 for example has a height of 853.

    None of the examples presented seemed to address this.

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