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ASP.NET 5 is a lean and composable framework for building web and cloud applications. ASP.NET 5 is fully open source and available on GitHub. In this technical talk The Lesser Scotts will put it all into context. What does that ASP.NET 5 mean for compatibility? What powerful new cloud scenarios does ASP.NET 5 enable? We’ll cover ASP.NET 5 both inside and outside the IDE, on Windows, Mac, and Linux.





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    How does VS run Roslyn and refresh CS code without recompiling? From my understanding it must be running some dnx command, so how could I do it on a Mac? --watch doesn't seem to restart the application right now.

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    The video here contains just the code and slides, but misses any shots of the Scotts! This has to be fixed, so many missing fun moments :( ...

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    @MZetko choose Video Quality High and you will see a splitscreen :)

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    Suresh Burdak

    You said its cross platform and can run on different platform using the self hosted server, but I have a concern regarding the development tool that is Visual Studio. I am new to this so please tell me Can I install visual studio on Mac or Linux/Unix? If yes, everything is same as the windows set up.

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    same file name:    2-687-mobile.mp4

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    @gerryLowry: Thanks for all the comments pointing these out. The C9 team is looking into this as I write this...

    Thanks again!

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    Suresh Burdak


    I've downloaded Visual Studio 2015 and created an empty project. I added a new IActionResult in my existing HomeController. When I set string as return type and return a dummy string, it works fine. But when I set return type as IActionResult and try to return the result to a result. There is no option to add a new view for that IActionResult. In older versions of MVC I had an option to add a new view. But in this MVC6 I don't see any option to add a new view.

    Am I missing something important or there is a different way to add a view or I have to add the view manually??

    Please reply me asap. Thanks in advance. !@!

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    Derek Foulk

    Why is it so hard to learn .NET/VS? I have been a developer for 7 years now, and this video just reminds me that this framework is hard to learn, just to dish out some HTML for a site... I really, really want to learn .NET, and be able to create more complex sites and APIs, etc., but even just figuring out how to publish an MVC 6 Web App to Azure while using Git via Visual Studio Online is proving impossible to me. Even the naming of the framework, the releases of MVC, the terminology used by the presenters in this video, it is all gibberish to me. What make .NET so great for web development? Why do people take the time to learn it? What the heck is the difference between .NET and ASP.NET and .NET MVC and 'Web Sites' vs. 'Web Apps'...? I don't need answers for those questions, but I am trying to convey how confusing this all is for a non-.NET developer to convert to the "Dark-Side".

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    Derek, this would not be your best choice for an introduction to .NET and ASP.NET, so your confusion is understandable. This session is an introduction to what is new in the fifth generation of the latter of those technologies, so without knowing what's come before that would be a difficult story. Why don't you try the Getting Started section of, or perhaps the Learn | MVC section if you are interested in the MVC pattern.

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