New XAML Tools in Visual Studio 2015

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    Nice job!

    We'll see if the new XAML debugging features in VS 2015 will replace the need for Snoop.

    Question: is XAML debugging working when trying to analyze PRISM modules? This is, where SNOOP can't be used.


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    George Birbilis

    regarding the UI item selection tool, should have some way to interact with the app when the tool is activated (say via CTRL+ALT keys both pressed or something [and showing that event to the app as plain click]), else you won't be able to select items from popup menus that autohide

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    It does not have ppt download links in this page. Could you please help to fix it?


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    Steve Ives

    I'd really like to get the slide deck for this one?

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    Unni ​Ravindranat​han

    Hi everyone,

    I am not sure why the deck is not available :( - but if you can get in touch with me at unnir at Microsoft dot com, I am happy to send you a copy.


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    Isn't Live UI debugging available for WinRT?

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    Tobias Krasinger

    In which version of VS 2015 will UI-Debugging, Profiling will be available? Do I have to have an ultimate version?

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