Building Resilient, Scalable Services with Microsoft Azure Service Fabric

Play Building Resilient, Scalable Services with Microsoft Azure Service Fabric

The Discussion

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    This is awesome! Definitely the best way to build a micro-services based architecture!

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    Dan Vanderboom

    Great job! Looking forward to building solutions with Azure Service Fabric!

    Admittedly, Azure Service Fabric and Orleans (from Microsoft Research) have a good deal of overlap. However, whereas Orleans will run on any machine that runs .NET 4.5, Azure Service Fabric requires Azure (or private cloud).

    This is confusing. Hopefully we'll get some clarification on this in the near future. Will their models merge at some point, or will they always remain separate (and likely diverge)?

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    @Dan Vanderboom: My understanding is that Orleans is deprecated and "replaced" by the stateless and state full Micro-service through the Azure Service Fabric.

    I also understood in different presentation at Build that the Azure service Fabric will eventually be available for on premise Windows Server through the Azure Packs.

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    Too bad that when you have async methods, you can't use C# features and you fall back to Java-5 level language:
    You can't use property-syntax with SetAsync(int count) and Task<int> GetAsync(). You cant use "using" with OpenAsync and CloseAsync. And so on... Could you use Microsoft Azure Service Fabric with F#?

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