“PROJECT ASTORIA“: Build Great Windows Apps with Your Android Code

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Are you an Android developer, do you have a cool app and are looking to expand your user base? Come join this session, where we will take you through a journey of leveraging the new Windows 10 SDK to help you take your app to Windows store. In this session we will explore the following: 1. Learn how to leverage your existing code to build a Universal Windows app 2. Using the Windows App Compatibility page to evaluate your existing Android application 3. Leveraging existing Android workflow to debug your app on a Windows Phone 4. Using Microsoft Services in your application 5. Leveraging exciting new tools that will ease your application development for Windows



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    According to a couple sites, the latest Windows 10 Mobile build as of yet (build 10586) does not contain the Project Astoria Subsystem.  From what I understand that same build was signed off my MS as the final build for the Threshold 2 release.  Does this mean that MS is abandoning the Project Astoria bridge/subsystem?  Or is MS just not including it again until a later build of Windows 10 Mobile and if so, can anyone answer when they will put it back?  I really think not having it will be a huge mistake as this is a huge advantage to close the "App Gap" Windows phones have.

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    why is there no news either way, I'm have pre ordered a 950 based on the promise of android apps coming

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    @adamcorbally - Looks like MS may have killed-off Project Astoria --> http://www.winbeta.org/news/windows-10-mobile-news-recap-release-date-lumia-950-demo-project-astoria. I agree that this sucks and that was also one of my main reasons for switching from Android to MS - why not buy a MS phone that can do Android too!  Now if I cannot, I don't know if I want to risk not having apps I want.  Not to mention... the potential "Surface Phone" potentially coming next year makes me want the Lumia 950 even less.

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