Getting Started with Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Apache Cordova

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​In this session led by members from the Tools for Apache Cordova product team, you’ll learn how you can code and debug cross-platform mobile apps using web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We’ll take a whirlwind tour starting with setup where Visual Studio guides you through installation of all 12 tool chain dependencies you need to develop for the Android and iOS platforms. Then, we’ll take a peek at debugging your app on all three platform (iOS, Android and Windows) using emulators and real tethered devices. Finally, we’ll learn how Cordova Plugins can give you access to native device capabilities like the camera, file system and push notifications."



The Discussion

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    For compiling applications in the cloud can VS2015 and its tool chain be used with Adobe Phonegap Build?

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    This is exactly what I needed. Visual Studio + Git + Cordova + Typescript + ...

    + so many attention to details in the implementation of this pipeline.

    This gives us the great work of many talented teams at Microsoft under one solution. a VS one.


    Thank you all very much.

    Friends, this is where I'll be living from now on.


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    Video returns 404. Same for David Catuhe's. 

    I tried in OSX, using Chrome, Canary, and Safari. 

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