Deep Dive into ASP.NET 5

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    Fantastic presentation, thank you

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    great, Great, GREAT talk!

    Have been following ASP.NET development (standups etc) for a while now but still got to learn a lot of new things!

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    Fantastic presentation!!

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     Learned a lot!

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    57:30'' : it's 'smitten'. I won't even bother verifying, this is classic stuff we learn to get a foreign language certificate for English... ;)

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    Suresh Burdak

    I've downloaded Visual Studio 2015 and created an empty project. What I cannot work out is how do you create a new view from within IActionResult, in VS2013 you could right click and create it. But now there appears to be no option for this.

    The only way I can do it, is to create the view manually.

    Am I missing something simple

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    one word: Terrific :)

    Great job guys! really great job!

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    Elliot Wood

    Mind blown... great job MS!

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    Attaching source code in global.json seems very elegant, but there are more things that happens after you do that. Namely dependent project is added as a solution dependence in "Solution Items" section of *.sln file (with path to the source location). Now if you keep your sln in VCS you don't want to check this in, because location of your local copy of source of dependent project (which was initially added as nuget package) is user specific. So why do we have this data added to sln file?

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