Case Studies of HoloLens App Development

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The Discussion

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    Vinvent James Paz

    use it on baseball scoring which every player can view.

    Create an app for soldier assault team, where in they can see what are their designated tasks, where to go, what is the main objective, where are their mates, see where the enemies are.

    Create a navigation guide app, a tour guide.

    Create an app for police officers that can track criminal base on criminal records, similar to robocop, an app that can detect criminal faces everytime they encounter them in the field.

    give cortana a virtual body that accompany you everyday anywhere.

    hololens should have a virtual pc, like a desktop, wherein i can develop, design, create documents, Etc.

    hololens must have an app that can translate languages instantly. Similar to word lens apk.

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    I agree! As a hockey fan I can see lots of potential to develop an app and use fancy stat to win a game (on the pro level or juniors).

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    I feel like this session should be re-encoded. 95% of this is looking at the people on stage talking, the slides are not important. The picture in picture should be swapped around.


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