Windows Design for Developers: Getting the Balance Right

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    Won't download :-(

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    The hamburger menu is still a design failure however you twist it. The three dotted menu from Windows Phone was genius. One hand usability, unobtrusive (it could even be transparent) with minimal screen space.

    Now you have the stupid OneDrive app with ... menu on the bottom right and hamburger on the left, breaking the navigation flow. The hamburger menu does not even contain useful information that wouldn't have fitted in the ... menu.

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    philk: I disagree on the hamburger menu. It is a global navigation icon/menu, as opposed to the More icon (...) which is used as a sort of dumping ground for additional stuff that won't fit in the main command bar. (Secondary commands)

    A secondary command menu is a lot different than a global navigation menu.

    The main problem most devs are having with the hamburger menu is that it cannot be done one-handed. What might help one-handed design is if MS implements a swipe-in from the left side of the screen to open the hamburger menu, just like Android does today.

    This would NOT conflict with a hub-type screen, because people typically swipe the middle of a screen to navigate a hub-type screen, as opposed to swiping in from off the left side of the screen with an Android-style hamburger menu.

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    I expect that apple/google will copy app bar menu with some form, they will have to adopt new design for big screen devices.

    hamburger menu is odd, swipe not going fix ugly object on screen. Swipe will fix just usability

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    The issue not being addressed here isn't the mobile/phone SKU, but instead the desktop/large tablet SKU, which was conspicuously absent for the majority of this talk.  It's obvious by looking at it that the phone SKU is early enough in the process for changes to still occur.  There's plenty of time for iteration.  The desktop version, however, which has been in preview for 7 months and has been commited to a release this summer, doesn't have that advantage, and still has major design problems for both the desktop and tablet mode.  Using tablet mode as an example, the majority of Continuum feedback is being blatantly ignored.  (Just one example of many:  the top 3 pieces of feedback, including one with nearly 700 votes, in the Continuum category mentions getting rid of the taskbar in tablet mode... and Microsoft instead proceeds to force the taskbar further upon us by putting the back button there.)

    But supposedly according to you guys, Windows 10 has found a 'really great balance between touch and keyboard.'  Glad to hear that. /s

    Windows 10 design is a mess right now.  Maybe there's enough time to clean that up on the phone, but I'm not at all confident that there is enough time to fix it on the PC/large tablets.  Blog posts and sessions concentrating on how phone is early enough to make some changes do nothing to assuage those concerns.

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    I came here looking for the video from session 2-778, but what is posted seems to be from 2-791.  (See the intro slide.)

    Did 2-778 take place?  If so, is its recording available anywhere?

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    Cannot download high quality version. Getting error "BlobNotFound".

    Please fix.

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    I totally don't understand the loud group of people who say the hamburger menu is "ugly" or whatever the complaint is.  Do you people think every major app is ugly then?  Because most of them use the common hamburger icon.  Do you use Google Chrome?  Hamburger.  Firefox?  Hamburger.  Facebook?  Hamburger.  You people need to pick your heads up and become acclimated to 2015.

    Lest you forget, all the swipey stuff in Windows 8 didn't pan out so well, so it's high-time to join what real people are comfortable using.  Don't get so caught up in your theory of the perfect UI that your loud complaints cause Microsoft to jump the tracks again.

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    Is this session going to be available again in the future?

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    D Fowler

    What happened to the video it was here a while ago with slides?

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    Is this one gonna come up at all?

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    Please make video for this session available again. Design is already confusing in Windows 10, which makes sessions like this very important.

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    I think they removed it due to a news report saying that they are from Redstone.

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    @Tony: That's unfortunate, but thanks for telling why they have removed it.

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    This same session can be found under session 2-791:

    It looks like session 2-778 was a duplicate or was not recorded.

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