Localize Windows Apps Using the Multilingual App Toolkit

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The Discussion

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    Amazing tools to localize app to other languages!

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    Google Translate is not really better than Bing Translator when it comes to translation between European and East-Asian languages

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    Great information and I love the toolkit for UWP strings using xid, but the apploc samples will not load in VS2017 and I was looking for help strings that are not constants. Also when I add new strings to en-US\Resources.resw and Generate Machine Translations FindWordApp1.es-US.xlf is updated but the other languages files under Strings for example  es-US\Resources.resw are not.

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    MAT is great.  The translations are not free any more but I still localize for every machine-translated language.  The majority of our installs are non-English-speaking.  

    MAT has made it so easy we do this for all our apps.  In an effort to understand why most developers are not doing the same I asked Reddit why .NET developers skip localization/globalization?

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