Harnessing the Full Power of Input in Universal Windows Apps

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    I wanted to post the links of the samples you gave in your talk here for everyone, but just got an "This comment appears to be spam and has been rejected." error. So everybody has to type them on their own.

    I didn't find the code of this talk yet. Please add it here when you uploaded it. I'm more interested in C#, but some of the samples are not available in that language.

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    What I am particularly interested in is how I get a list of all pointers currently down.

    In WinPhone 8 Silverlight I had System.Windows.Input.ManipulationDeltaEventArgs.PinchManipulation.Current.PrimaryContact and ...SecondaryContact. Those were just two, so I didn't get the positions if 5 fingers were down, but still better than Windows.UI.Xaml.Input.ManipulationDeltaRoutedEventArgs.Position.

    Do I have to maintain that list of current pointers myself? How do I do that best? By listening to the Pointer events of the page? If I attach to the Pointer events of any control, my handler is not always called. E.g. I don't get PointerReleased notifications on the ScrollView on WinPhone 8.1 RT.

    I couldn't find something in Windows Store/Unified/Runtime (whats the correct name?) apps which works as reliable as System.Windows.Input.Touch.FrameReported on WinPhone Silverlight.

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    I'd like to know will WebBrowser "eating" all pointer events

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