The Future of TypeScript: ECMAScript 6, Async/Await and Richer Libraries

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With TypeScript 1.0, we released a new language built to take full advantage of JavaScript with a rich type system. We’ve watched the community take this and create a number of projects, including one of the largest repositories of JavaScript API documentation available. Modern JavaScript has continued to grow, and now incorporates more concurrency patterns, use of new JavaScript features, and more modular designs. In this talk, we’ll investigate upcoming features of TypeScript, like ECMAScript 6 support and async/await, and how they make working with modern JavaScript patterns and libraries easier.





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    Microsoft and Google become Friends!

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    Have you considered generic reifiable types to make parametric polymorphism implemented as generics as a first-class feature in TypeScript instead of generic type erasure? (i.e. type system is not erased during compilation)

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    @KamyarNazeri - You can find out more about TypeScript's design goals on the TypeScript wiki:  

    Specifically, #9 is about the idea that TypeScript's type system's main job is to type JavaScript, rather than having any impact on the runtime semantics.  It's to reflect what the runtime types are.  Being erasable gives us a bunch of flexibility and leads to predictable output.

    If you're talking about specialization via monomorphism, that's likely outside of the scope of TypeScript both because we a) want the type system to remain erasable and b) because you'll likely want to do this as a developer on a case by case basis.

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    I loved this presentation. Thanks very much for the overview of Typescript. I thought the presenter was fantastic.

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    This was a great session, great overview of TypeScript. Even though I'm already using generics and union types for developing Umbraco plugins I've learned that if you add if/else typeof statements for union types TypeScript knows what statement completion it should give to you. Thanks.

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    Duncan Hunter


    Great session and super excited to start using 1.5!

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    Marius Schulz

    It's nice to hear Anders himself talk about programming languages. Also, I like the fact that TypeScript 1.5 implements a majority of the upcoming ECMAScript 2015 features. Now, I'm very much looking forward to async/await!

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    always a pleasure to see the mastermind Anders Hejlsberg on stage

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    Mohsin Syed

    Great session. I am eager to use Typescript 1.5.

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    same file name for both Low and Mid Quality:


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    if one is unaware of Anders Heljsbergs TypeScript, he/she may have stopped reading here:

    "With TypeScript 1.0, we released a new language ..." and moved on to the next video.

    Many programmers already code in many languages and might think another new language is just not needed.

    The video contains a useful description:  "TypeScript:  a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript

    FWIW, glad i watched this video.  BTW, this video goes beyond TypeScript to show how TypeScript is being used synergistically elsewhere.

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    Thank you so much for making the programming a pleasure.

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