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    You talk about being able to use policies on pull request to make sure the the build it is passing before approve the pull request but I was not able to find that. could you point me in the direction of the documentation for that ?

    Would I be able to run JavaScript tests using tools like karma and get my tests result published ?

    Can I limit the number of warnings that it is acceptable from msbuild before I consider that the build it is failing?


    Really good presentation

    Thank you


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    Not fixing the 255 character file path limit is ridiculous. It basically makes javascript package managers (bower, npm) which are now part of asp.net 5 useless. This just has to be fixed to make the whole system useable in the real world, no matter the cost. It is 2015 after all!

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    After doing some initial testing I noticed that association of work items with commits does not work when using an external Git repository. Is that correct, or am I missing something?


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