ANGLE: Running OpenGL ES 2.0 Graphics Code on Windows

Play ANGLE: Running OpenGL ES 2.0 Graphics Code on Windows

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    So, I understand this is an OpnenGL API loader that hijacks calls and redirects to Direct3D.... and probably does some obscure shader code "translation".

    You are Microsoft employees, right?

    Then why wouldn't you just add support for OpenGL directly via drivers, the way it's done in windows desktop today?

    I mean, why would you cripple API purposefully and make OpenGL look like an ugly sibling?

    SHAME ON YOU, Microsoft.

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    Thanks for the feedback sosihui! I'd like to clarify that this talk is referring to OpenGL ES 2.0, not desktop OpenGL 4.x. I would invite you to watch the talk and learn more about what ANGLE is.  You'll discover that it is widely used by reputable companies (not just Microsoft) to enable OpenGL ES content to run on the Windows family of devices.  We've worked with other companies contributing to the project to make it performant, while leveraging the existing drivers available to all Windows customers. 

    Implementing, testing and stabilizing graphics drivers across a wide family of different hardware devices is a massive undertaking.  Rather than diluting our resources by having to create two different drivers for every device, our strategy is to focus on making just one driver as good as we possibly can, then use technologies such as ANGLE to enable developers who want to use different rendering APIs on top of that driver.

    Give ANGLE a try, I think you'll be surprised!!!

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    Excellent presentation !
    Really love it!
    ANGLE brings stability to OpenGL, by using DirectX's D3D for rendering,
    and leverage the GL API by using the cleaner, more consistent, OpenGL ES.
    Can't wait for ANGLE with GL ES 3.0, on top of DX 11!

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    @TonyBalogh: You should not thank this sorry troll with a nickname "S**KD**K" written in Russian.

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    jose suris

    Need to downloaded to use Magix Photostory

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