New Retail Peripherals and NFC/HCE Support in Windows 10

Play New Retail Peripherals and NFC/HCE Support in Windows 10

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    Nice presentation.


    Regarding NFC cards, does Windows 10 (for phones) allows reading raw data on the NFC cards or is it still limited to NDEF formatted messages?

    If so, does Windows 10 will bring support for NFC chips contained on phones such Lumia 82x, 92x... or it still requires the most recent chips contained on Lumia 83x?

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    Yes, you can read raw data from NFC cards and it is not limited to NDEF. To have raw communication with NFC cards, use the Windows.Devices.SmartCards API (not the Windows.Devices.Proximity API which is limited to NDEF). The new Windows 10 sample app mentioned in the demo includes raw NFC card reading sample code (an update from the previously released WP 8.1 sample here:

    But it does require the latest NFC chip in the phone, which is only available on the Lumia 830/730/640 and newer (it is not available on 920/930/1520 etc)

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    Windows 10 (both phone and desktop) allows reading raw data on the NFC cards. It was actually supported on Windows Phone 8.1 but with Windows 10, raw data read/write is extended to desktop as well. Windows supports a good range of smart cards in the industry today. Here is more information:

    This feature requires the most recent chipset (NXP PN547) which is currently on Lumia 730/830/640/640XL ... devices.

    The sample code here ( also includes the pcscsdk for reading/writing smart cards using Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 devices.

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    Jens Kuehner

    What pos printers did you use? Any recommendations? I tried a Star TSP650II BTi that should support ESC/POS with the posprinter sample but did not work.

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    I enjoyed attending this session. I'm interested in NFC for non-payment activities, like attendance tracking.

    How do I select a NFC reader that will work with Windows 10 running on a PC? What do I need to know for selecting NFC cards/tags?

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    @demet and @Alex228: Thanks for the reply. This opens a new set of scenarios. Excellent news!

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    @Jens Kuehner: Sorry for the delay on posting a reply, busy getting ready for Maker Faire San Mateo.

    I used an Epson TM88V printer in Wired Ethernet mode - We also support it in BT mode.

    The TSP650II should also work but we've only tested that via wired connections for the release at BUILD - We're planning to support it via BT for RTM.

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    @demetb:Hello, can Lumia 920 support HCE functionalities ?
    @tgoodhew @alex288

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    I have an EPSON TM-T88IV with Ethernet interface. Works fine with Epson epos-print SDK in Windows Store App (under 8.1 and 10).

    On same computer with the c# Windows 10 sample  it throws me an exception during in this statement :

    DeviceInformationCollection deviceCollection = await DeviceInformation.FindAllAsync(PosPrinter.GetDeviceSelector());

    So my question is : where can I get the correct setup, driver, etc.. for this new suggested working method ? Adding a printer via control panel only finds the IP interface of the printer, leaving me clueless about the driver to take (surely it is not the suggested Epson ESC/P R printer).

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    @bobberkarl: Hi there, no Lumia 920 will not be able to support HCE when upgraded to Windows 10, since the driver for the NFC chipset that 920 uses doesn't support HCE. The supported devices in the market today are: 640, 640XL, 730 and 830. Additionally all the NFC enabled new Lumia devices will support HCE with Windows 10.

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