Discovering Windows 10 Devices Over Wi-Fi: DNS-SD API

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Nowadays, you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network wherever you go – at homes, coffee shops, malls, hotels, even on air-planes! Have you ever wondered who else is connected to all these networks? With Windows 10’s DNS Service Discovery (DNS-SD) API, you can create apps that discover other devices over the same network. In this session, we’ll take a look at how the DNS-SD API can be used for creating multi-user applications without needing to setup a web server or any other complex systems; all you need is for all devices to be on the same network! Speaker: Jay Mahendru



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The Discussion

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    Paul Betts

    * finallyyyyyyyyyyyy added Bonjour to Windows. Hoping `hostname.local` just works out of the box!

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    Could you post a link to the sample from this video?

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    Is there any documentation on this specifically related to DNS SD beyond the generic docs on the Devices.Enumeration namespace? There are a lot of "magic" values in this demo and it makes it virtually impossible to debug this non-working sample.

    I've checked and double checked my code, attempting this sample with a service name of _ipp._tcp, but I receive no hits on the Watcher Added event despite having > 15 ipp enabled printers on my network.

    Really happy this has more of a framework FINALLY, but it looks like it has a long way to go.

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    I see there are new Dnssd classes available in Win 10 that weren't used in this demo. How do these classes work with or replace what was used here?

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    Vinicius Fonseca

    Didn't get how is this any different from DLNA. Shouldn't MS be focusing on improving compatibility with existing devices (WMP's implementation of DLNA, for instance, is highly incompatible with another devices) instead of reinventing the wheel?

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    @Vinicius Fonseca:DNS-SD will greatly improve compatibility with Mac and Linux devices.

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    Jan Bajana

    Where could I find any documentation and sample code how to do an announcement to network with Windows Dnssd? Not only browsing.

    The link "" doesn't work.

    Also how can I find import library for dll and link with standard console application?
    There is missing any documentation. Reference API doesn't help so much here.

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