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IllumiRoom (http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/illumiroom/) demonstrated how projection mapping can enhance entertainment. RoomAlive (http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/roomalive/) prototyped turning any room into an interactive, augmented experience. In this session, Andy Wilson (Microsoft Research) teaches the key concepts behind these projects including: Kinect and projector calibration, networking multiple Kinect sensors together, and displaying dynamic AR objects in real-time. Additionally, all tools and source code used in the session will be released on GitHub to enable you to make use of these techniques in your own projects. Speaker: Ben Lower.



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The Discussion

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    so windows holographic seems extremely related to this, do you see windows holographic being used as an os/frontend/whatever for this?


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    Casino? wasn't that The House of the Opera in Australia?

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    3:37 - "...what I'm assuming is a casino-"

    It's the Sydney Opera House.
    The iconic symbol of Australia.


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    @Antonio and @prodigiousAvian thanks :)  had me fooled with the insert coin projection on it

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    Something I don't understand, I assume only one Kinect 2 can be connected to a PC so, in the schemas, if there is 3 Kinect there is also 3 PC ? 

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    Really looking forward to playing with this! Are you saying that Unity integration is something you are going to support moving forward or its more a matter of writing your own tools to parse the xml?

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     @jpencausse yes, you would need 3 PCs. The toolkit provides a Kinect server that can be used to distribute color and depth around the network.

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    @Zach We are thinking about adding Unity support. Of course, you can easily import the xml into Unity, but what have in mind for Unity support would go beyond just that, and would include shaders to perform projection mapping etc in a manner similar to that of the projection mapping sample in the Toolkit.

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    Ugur OZENC

    Can we use skeletal tracking data in Unity3D or any other data format?

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