Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi Direct Services API

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The Discussion

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    Shaun Tonstad

    Is there a place we can go to learn more about the APIs used in this demo? Is there downloadable source for the demo?


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    Avi Oster

    Thanks for the video.
    Where can I find user-manual for the Wi-Fi Direct Services application?
    I also want to know if it is possible to seek for more than one service using the application or Win10-P2PApp.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Manuel Quintero


    I am doing some testing around this but I always get the ServiceError: UnsupportedHardware, even though the card supports Wi-Fi Direct using netsh wlan show wirelesscap in a cmd window. Any advices on this?


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    So, now we know how to connect but how do we send data from one device? Like, sending a file or creating a Mesh network and pushing data.

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    I think you did mention this in the video but still, to raise the visibility can you please confirm whether a PC would now be able to communicate with a Phone over wifi-direct, without using a router, considering both are running win 10? This was not happening in win 8.1 wifi-direct.

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    I mean earlier it was only like pc to pc or phone to phone thing.

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    DeviceInformation.FindAllAsync with AssociationEndpoint can get all WiFiDirect devices that advertisED and WAS in range!

    Is it correct function?

    I think this function scans ¥HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE¥SYSMTEM¥CurrentControlSet¥SWD¥WiFiDirect too :(

    I need to get the devices that are advertising and in range only. Any advices on this?

    Thanks in advance


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