C# 6, VB14, and all Things Roslyn

Play C# 6, VB14, and all Things Roslyn
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with Mads Torgersen and Dustin Campbell





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    Shaun Peet

    Just like most things over the past several years, the VB people who are looking for information get stuffed into the last 60 seconds of a 30 minute video like an afterthought.

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    that's because only programmers on their deathbed care about VB

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    Shaun Peet

    @fuddyduddy So apparently being a C# developer means you have to be an arrogant, pompous jerk with a holier-than-thou attitude.

    If Microsoft has a strategy to eradicate VB then they should just come out with it publicly. Since they haven't - and continue to "say" they're developing both languages - there's no reason why any VB dev should be coerced into throwing away years of learning and subsequently spending (wasting) countless hours converting projects to C#.

    The title of this session/recording is completely misleading. It should be C# 6, All Things Rosyln, and a passing mention of VB14.

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    I'd agree that the 30 second vb 'oh yeah' mention is a slap...

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    Hello everyone! I was super bummed we did not talk more about VB as well. Totally not an 'oh yeah' moment I promise: just an oversight. I'm at Ignite so I gathered up Mads and Dustin and we shot a whole video on just VB features. Should be up soon! My apologies!


    All Things VB

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