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with Alex Kipman



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    The Discussion

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      Who would port legacy applications such as Matlab, Solidworks or similar 3D engineering software to the HoloLens environment?
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      I am very interested in holographic, and looking forward very much. I want to get more development documents. Sorry, my English is very poor.

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      i want to know more about hololens. want to develop something on it .

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      i know they're pushing hololens as a wireless device but i hope there is an option to run tetherd as well to take advantage of more powerful graphics in desktop hardware

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      william lavary

      Words can not express how excited I am about this product and the way it is going to change are whole industry

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      It would be awesome if it can provide immersive video and game experiences!

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      ahmed mamdouh

      Could you tell us about the ram and processor of hololens?

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      When I can buy HoloLens? What will be the price on HoloLens for developers?

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      What can you tell us about the hardware specs for HoloLens? I'm primarily curious about game development for HoloLens. I've also read several reviews that mentioned a small field of view for the HoloLens. Can you provide an image or demonstration that can show us who are watching online what the FOV woud look like wearing it?

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      Tyler NcCorchuk

      I'm curious, will the Hololens head sets be able to be "tied" together, so two separate users would be able to view the same hologram in real time?

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      Laikin Hertz

      Will the Hololens be available for normal everyday people and will the average people be able to afford its?

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      Can the headsets join a holo world for large group interactive events?

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      Does the hololens remember your space?? If I'm at work and then go home does it remember my setup between the two locations??
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      I find how much they evaded questions about prescription glasses awfully telling.

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      @Tyler NcCorchuk: yes you can do that, that's what they showed yesterday during Day1 Keynote (they had 2 Hololens on stage, one worn by person and one mounted on a special video camera to show what the person sees). I would really like to know how this synchronization is done as well, since apparently the 2 Hololens don't talk to each other...can anyone shed any light?

      @Denver: during Day1 Keynote the girl doing the medical demo was wearing prescription glasses and Hololens.

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      I wanted to know about the hardware and lenses used in hololens.Is it possible to buy these lens in market.And more info about development for it.

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      So it will be launched this summer? Can't wait.

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      @aL3891: I Agree, There really needs to be a way to tether to more powerful resources (even if that is a windows phone or computer running windows 10.)

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      This is absolutely the future. I have so many questions. What are the processing limits on how many objects can be represented within a space? What are the limits on the number of hololenses that can join a space? What is the maximum size of a space? What gestures are supported? Is it comfortable to wear for several hours a day? Could I realistically replace my monitors with a holographic workstation? I must know everything.

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      Once they improve upon the reported narrow FoV problem this will be awesome. Hopefully by Build 2016 they will be ready to release some awesome experiences like those presented in January.

      Really exciting

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      @dikko57: Autodesk will support it in Maya and one other app.

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      @Jules: It better not take that long.

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      i want to know more about hololens. want to develop something on it .

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      HoloLens is AWESOME! Can't wait to get a hold on one and build something!

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      I cannot wait to try that!

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      My vision is to use Hololens for a Virtual Office. 

      In a scenario where one can work at home, I can imagine the usefulness of Hololens for attending a Virtual Office with my colleagues.  That way I can see who is "in" the office, and visit with them as if I were there, including seeing presentations, attending meetings, anything I would do in person.

      Is anyone already working on this concept? It seems like an obvious one.




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      This is what the economy needs... Imagine virtual jobs$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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