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    Your team has a plan about Edge on OSX?

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    @cybaek:They already answered this question. at this stage they are ONLY concentrating on building the best browser for Windows 10 and still dont have any multiplatform plan

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    Josh Sox

    Nothing revolutionary here. And according to sources you've completely rewritten a browser and it still isn't css3 fully compliant. As a web developer I and others will continue to hate your brand until you fix it. How are we supposed to deliver beautiful content to the web when your browser cannot even render the css we use to do it, get with it microsoft. Stop worrying about consumerism, half the idiots in this world use your browser just because it is built in to windows, so how about being fully compliant with css3 and html5 instead, geez you guys are the dumbest smart people.

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    So, they're finally making a modern browser - it's a shame it'll be out of date by the time they've finished it.

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