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with Tarek Madkour and Mark Wilson-Thomas



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    User Voice

    When will a standalone DGML viewer be available?

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    Are the new UI debugging tools for XAML only available for vs 2015 solutions and projects (meaning we need to upgrade our 2013 or older ones)?

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    Having built apps using REST and C/JSOM, one thing that occurred to me there is no quick way to code up each call or place them in the correct dependent sequence,  in say a pattern such as Promises. Nice to have a tool for creating the calls .

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    is there any new tools for game developers in visual studio 2015 ?

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    Steve Pancoast

    When will Visual Studios be avialable for Apple Mac OSX?

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    @Steve Pancoast - when you get a chance, please do check out: We hope you will like it.

    Tarek Madkour - Visual Studio - Microsoft

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    Unni ​Ravindranat​han

    @FrannSoftDev -

    These tools are only available in Visual Studio 2015. However, you don't really need to "change" your project files per se. For example, if you have a WPF 4.5.1 application and are running it locally on machine with VS 2015 installed, you can use this new capability of VS. Your project should still round-trip successfully with VS 2013, just that VS 2013 will not give you this functionality. Same for Windows 8.1 - are long as you running on Windows 10, you should be able to open the exact same project file in VS 2015 and debug without any changes.


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    @User Voice: We don't have plans for now to ship a standalone DGML viewer. DGML can ve viewed with the Community edition of Visual Studio. Could you please share with us the scenarios you would like to enable with a standalone DGML viewer?

    Jean-Marc Prieur - Visual Studio

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    @AnisSG, VS 2015 will include a number of new additions for game developers. If you build games using DirectX, Visual Studio Graphics Diagnostics 2015 has been updated to better support debugging and profiling DirectX10/11 apps, and it also now supports DirectX12 apps for Windows 10. If you build games using one of these top engines (Unity, Unreal, Cocos), VS2015 will make it easy to discover and use these engines (see our recent announcements


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