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Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella describes Microsoft's opportunity to Build the Intelligent Cloud, Reinvent productivity and business process and create more personal computing. Scott Guthrie explains how Microsoft's Azure is poised to create the Intelligent Cloud. Satya explains how Microsoft Office is evolving to reinvent productivity. Terry Myerson explained how Windows 10 will create more personal computing with new bridges to enable developers to evolve their code into Windows 10 to enable phones, tablets, desktop, Xbox and Holograms.



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Room 3rd Floor Ballroom



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The Discussion

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    i m looking forward to this meeting ......

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    Nice ! i'd like too earn some serious repute in programming.... 

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    User Voice

    Hopefully the long overdue questions will be addressed:


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    We are looking forward to this keynote. ;)
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    What type of Window Cleaner do I need to bring to clean off your Glass [H]

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    Waiting with great anticipation.
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    I've seen the User Voice repository on the MS campus. It resembles of Cave of Swallows in Mexico. You throw a message in, and nothing comes back except a thud. Except if the message contains XNA, Silverlight, or LightSwitch; in which case not even a thud is heard. 

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    This conference Will make people more aware of Microsoft products,look forward to and in Microsoft's future.
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    Waiting (im)patiently! Excited to see what's coming...

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    Estoy en linea y no veo nada

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    Estamos a la espera de no ser decepcionados ajaja ok no.

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    Can't watch the live broadcast on IE11 Win7 no Flash player. Chrome plays fine.

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    I am here only for windows 10 (a):P

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    Great.. Managed to join the Livecast!!

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    No Azure data centres in Africa?  Hope there are plans for that to change (I'm okay - I'm in Europe but I understand the need to be inclusive).

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    @Satsumo:Azure operates out of 17 regions around the world. and the key note showed 19.. so there will be more additions soon..


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    Hisham Bin Ateya

    I'm very glad to release the new cross platform editor "Visual Studio Code" :)

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    @AceTeam:Thanks for clarification.  Awesome start to Build 2015 so far.

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    pls i cant watch live video... any one can send link for live ?

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    @Satsumo: Welcome!(a)

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    Really informative inspired by the talk


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    Inshun Hozoin

    arg, rumours of Android on WinPhone!

    here's hoping XNA for Win10 revival instead for all those Microsoft loyal 360 devs to move over to WP if they haven't already


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    Cleyton Carlos

    Oh, I love the HoloLens... Can't wait to put my hands on it... And, of course, love the Windows 10... I'm insider, but I can't wait to get the final version...

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    This is probably the best keynote sessions, covered the full range of Microsoft next generation work.

    It is a new Microsoft, adaptable, quick and bringing real innovations to the table. From Azure, to Office, Windows, Developer tools & Hololens everything is aligned to the strategy and goals. I doubt any other company can matchup with this.

    Talking of Windows 10, it will be a huge success. There are billions of reasons to be on this platform, its is the most advanced OS in the market.

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    I am looking forward for new Microsoft Lumia flagship phones!! MS Edge is amazing!!

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    sorry to bother you but : WHERE the heck are the close captioned ? D:

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    I am blow away by the Hololens application to education. It is just amazing... I hope it will help the future medical students and be better doctors and help humanity. so does others in chemistry and drug industry...
    Other companies makes gimmicks, but Microsoft makes it for serious people to make a difference. Way to go guys.

    Looking forward to get one.

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    Very Nice Keynote!

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    Does anyone know where I can find low resolution versions of these videos? I can't seem to watch these on here.

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    I'm absolutely impressed with Hololens. I mean I was impressed before, just don't know it can grow that fast. That was sick!
    Windows 10 is looking awesome so far. I hope it won't be slow as hell cause that's A LOT of feature they add and universal apps mean they won't be deeply integrated.

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    These are exciting times to be a .NET developer. 

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    Where can we get the source code for Fabrikam garage?

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    shen mo gui

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    HoloLens - excellent achievement and great job.


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    Awesome Universal Apps Platform in Windows 10. Including the Andriod and ios Systems. Developers have the most epic platform.


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    Awesome, I can't wait for developing apps without screen.

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    Holographic academy! <3

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    Entire wow show!

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    this is the best part of the keynote

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    Fantastic to see windows really developing, windows mobile and windows phone can be my pc!!

    Awesome I want that device. I really hope MS produce an advert about this, just amazing.   

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    One of the best Microsoft Keynotes. Lots of exciting developer opportunities and ambitious goals...crisp clear collaboration among Microsoft teams..way to go!

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    Is the live feed available on the Xbox one app?

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    James Campbell

    OMG go to 2:30:00 Microsoft Hololens is just amazing and the robot demo, pinch me, I must be dreaming, WOW!!!!

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    I;m very excited now . I need this koynote's  Subtitle Text or SRT file.  Who send me to mail .  mail to : 

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    Awesome stuff. Great time to be a .NET Developer!

    Summary of this session:

    More than 1 million servers
    500+ new services in the last 12 months
    >90,000 new customers per month
    1.4 million SQL databases
    >50 trillion Storage objects
    425 million Active Directory Users
    3 million developers registered with Visual Studio Online
    >40% Revenue from Start-ups and ISVs.

    supported in Azure and Visual Studio.
    Deploy and debugging .NET apps to Docker containers in Windows or Linux.

    .NET Core
    Previews available of .NET Core
    .NET Core RC for Windows
    .NET Core Preview for Linux
    .NET Core Preview for MAc OSX

    Azure App Service
       Continuous Integration
       Visual Studio Online 
       Enterprise Connectivity
       SaaS Integration
       Web Apps
       Mobile Apps
       Logic Apps
       API Apps

    ASP.NET 5
    Apache Cordoba
       Android Emulator

    Visual Studio Code
    Free Code optimized editor
    Runs natively on Windows, Linux and Macs
    Intellisense powered by Roslyn and OmniSharp
    Debugging, Local Variables, Autos, etc.
    Git Integration.

    Azure Service Fabric
    High-control distributed computing framework
    Used internally
    Stateless and stateful microservices.
    SDK for Windows and Linux

    Azure SQL Databases
    SQL DB Elastic Database Pool
    Separate isolated databases
    Aggregate capacity

    Azure SQL Data Warehouse
    Power BI
    Machine Learning

    Azure Data Lake Service
       Store and manage infinite data
       High through put, low latency analytic jobs
    Stream Analytics
    New Add-in Model
    New tool Sway for interactive story telling
    Office Graph
    Unified API

    Windows 10
    Free Upgrade for first year
    Goal: 1 Billion devices

    Windows Store
    One binary that runs on Desktop, Windows Phone, Windows Tablet, Surface Hub, IoT Devices, Xbox and HoloLens.
    Carrier Billing for all Windows devices.
    Windows Store for Business

    Website will be able to be run as an application and make use of notifications, etc.
    Win32 .NET Applications in the Windows Store
    Android Java/C++ Applications will be easily ported to Windows Phone
    Ability to compile iOS Objective C code in Visual Studio on Windows.
    New internet browser Microsoft Edge (Codename Project Spartan)
    Continuum: Ability to "flex" and adapt applications from device to device.

    Windows Holographic Platform

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    I wonder who thought, that adding an auto-playing video banner (and auto-playing, unstoppable audio stream) to a page where people watch a video, would be a good idea.

    VERY annoying.

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    Sorry about the audio on the other pages. That was not intended. A bug was introduced into the player.

    Question for you. Did you get audio on other pages after about the first half of the first day? After the bug was found, an update was rolled out to fix that issue. If you had this problem after that, we really would like to know
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    Biff Tannen

    It's amazing ! If Steve Jobs were alive , he would drop from his chin. In comparison, the iPhone's appearance was only dice . Amazing technology !

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    HoloLens open amazing possibilities.
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    That's amazing conference, wish to attend all of these conferences.
    Thanks for all.

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    Thanks for giving us a reason, a target and a way to accomplish my deepest imagination. :)

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    Unfortunetly downloading of HQ version fails.

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    Krishna Chaitanya Ch

    @AceTeam: Two more regions that will be available in future are actually india as I see in the video

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    ming man

    Hey guys, can you check whether Mid Quality MP4 is corrupted?

  • User profile image

    Lots of amazing new stuff. ASP.NET 5 is the thing I'm most interested in. BTW I liked very much the outro song, will look into it.

  • User profile image

    Both low and mid quality videos are corrupted. Have to try high quality one..

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    Hey, are you REALLY nuts for not adding the CC system because when it was streaming during that day, it DOES have the CC... Now that it's a recorded session, the CC are gone... What the HECK is happening here? Are you a disability hater or what? And it's been 2 weeks! Pfff....

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    Great Keynote.  Thanks ScottGu, Hanselman, Russinovich, Alex Kipman et al.  I needed to get some work done, but could not stop watching.  I am looking forward to any breakout session videos, but will need to spread this out over the next week.  Thanks Satya.  I am very enthused about the direction MS is going.

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    Assar Lindberg

    Om Microsoft fortsätter att störa min telefon med reklam som poppar upp varje gång jag ska ringa eller läsa mail kommer jag att avsky detta bolag och undvika användandet i största möjliga mån. AL

  • User profile image

    please, may we have access to the PowerPoint presentations for the two keynotes?

    BTW, i really enjoyed the David William Hearn segment, c. minutes 6 to mid 10, on recognition of music handwriting for composers even though i'm not a composer myself.

  • User profile image

    Why so mean? Why so crude? Why so angry? Why so rude?

    I really damn miss these CC for these olds session, it used to have one during the live, :(

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    windows 8 has a problen in my pc , i download here , please can you help me

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    thanks for the information

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    Can I have a SRT file for the subtitle ?

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