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Come join Scott Hanselman and let’s learn about the groundbreaking changes in ASP.NET. For the first time ever ASP.NET is supported on Windows, Mac and Linux with a fully cross-platform ASP.NET Core. There are tons of other new features such as side by side support, faster development time and it is now easier than ever to move applications to the cloud. We’ll explore ASP.NET in containers, in the cloud, and beyond.



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Marriott Salon 9



The Discussion

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    Hey guys, is there a way to watch this one if you missed it yesterday?

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    I'm with Leo, When Is going to be the video for this session? I know you are going to load it but I wish to know If I have to wait till the end of the event

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    Mike H

    I was watching this and then all of a sudden, it stopped. Why? I missed it and wanted to catch up. I was thinking that you guys were going live, but you have an hour countdown. What gives? More than a little annoying.

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    Thanks guys, you're the best!

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    Hi, why the vs 15 installer is electron/node?

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    andriysavin on Raspberry! This what I've been wanting to see for long time! I'm serious, you should consider official support for ARM platforms, since IoT devices very often provide web server for administration and configuring an app running headless (not to be confused with the OS's web administration page). I also can imagine a setup where a Raspberry device runs a headless app in some place, and other devices (IoT or full-fledged) display web-based UI with some dynamic data in different places on their own displays, meaning true concurrent servicing requests.

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    Waiting for RTM Dates..
    Great Presentation! (Y)

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    Thanks for the fast install in VS. It was ridiculously slow before. Looks like a great improvement.

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    Why do you use Chrome browser? What happened to Edge browser? lol.

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    This is great, thanks for making the segments downloadable!

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    In continuation to my previous post: I'm wondering, is it possible to call a Main method from a .Net Core application (like ASP.NET Core web app) from a UWP app? For example, I would like to start Microsoft.AspNet.Server.WebListener server from a UWP Background task which is generated by the IoT template in VS. My understanding is that CLI (former DNX) supplies the runtime, and all the rest is done by managed code (with possible interops) which is runtime-agnostic. So what prevents me from starting a CoreClr application from different runtime?

    I guess at this session you talked about starting an ASP.NET Core web app on a Raspberry as a regular server, probably via remote powershell session. But since an IoT device won't ever be used as a real web server, such approach seems impractical. You don't get automatic updates through the store, crash monitoring, and all what you get when you install your code as a UWP app. And, what's more important, you can't make such a server a Web UI for you app naturally (like reading sensors and displaying their data on a page). So starting a web server from a UWP app looks very reasonable to me.

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    Lots of cool stuffs are going on around core. Docker looks promising.

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    So is that the right video? The titles don't match so i'm wondering if there was a mixup

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    @dkhalife: Yep, it is.

    The Scott's played with the deck title a little. There was a set of related sessions, done back to back and this was the second (hence the "Empire" subtitle). This first was ".NET Overview" (A New Hope...)

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    Dan Duda

    According to the slide at around 6 minutes in, ASP.NET Core 1.0 spans .NET Core 1.0 and NET 4.6. So does that mean I should be able to host a MVC Core web site on a shared host that only supports .net 4.6?

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