ASP.NET Core Deep Dive into MVC

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The Discussion

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    Please change the name to something other than ASP.NET. It's a new product. Maybe you could call it Ruby On Rails Wanna Be, or, just Disaster for short.

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    Robert Fuszenecker

    I think ASP.NET Core is a brilliant product.
    Really, it is.

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    Where do i get the sample code which the speaker used during presentation?

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    Talk about complete overkill.  SMH

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    Daniel Roth rocks! Awesome ASP.NET Core

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    "You have have everything in the kitchen sink if you want" Unless it's Web Forms. Then, you are left out in the cold.

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    That's awesome. They now have JSP custom tags. Only been in Java since 1999.

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    Is there a release date in the horizon 

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    Man, you've really roused the trolls and the neckbeards in this comment thread.  Don't mind these naysayers and those without anything more than their dismissive surface understanding of what you guys are building here.

    Keep up the great work on this great new foundation for the next 10 years of .Net web development!

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    Thanks so much for introducing Swagger! I had no idea that it existed and it really is a freaking godsend.

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