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    Very helpful thanks. A couple of comments though. 1) It would be really helpful if all this good stuff wasn't so hidden away. 2) I'm not really sure why you demoed that visual studio is really bad at moving projects to different folders. You couldn't even get it to work in the demo which says something. Why not actually make it a feature that just works without editing project and solution files? Thanks.

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    Ad Linq in Immediate window:

    To be able to use Linq in Immediate window and Watches, you have to have using System.Linq; in that particular file for it to work.

    If you are using this feature a lot and doesn't want to add this line to all of your project .cs files I created extension (or nuget pkg) "Debugging Usings Insertor", which is analyzer, that creates information in Error list, where you don't have those usings in file and it gives quick fix, that can be applied to whole solution and therefore you can add those usings to all files with a few clicks.

    You can find extension here:

    Or nuget package here:

    Hope it helps!

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    Great session !!

    Where can I get the demo sample code? 

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