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Xamarin and Microsoft empower .NET developers to become native iOS, Android, and Windows mobile app developers overnight. Apps built with Xamarin deliver truly native user experiences, 100% native API access, and native performance. Leverage your existing C# skills and .NET libraries to share code across all platforms and create a shared mobile app backend. Then build a beautiful user interface utilizing the iOS and Android designers right from inside of your favorite IDE, Visual Studio. During this session we will cover how Xamarin and Microsoft enable you to own the full development lifecycle end-to-end. From education, development, test, deployment, and monitoring we have something to help make it fast, easy, and fun to make great mobile apps.



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Marriott Salon 9



The Discussion

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    Xamarin should be made more robust.

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    Xamarin should be free

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    Tiger Liu

    Look forward to the news that Xamarin will be free, or reduce price at least.

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    Xamarin should pay us

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    if Xamarin price doesn't drop it'll error 404 within 24 months

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    Please tell us about F# in Xamarin. 

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    Rahul Anand Jha

    Xamarin is a beautiful tool. However when you set a price tag to developing as much as 2k a year people would naturally run away. Development tools should always be free. Xamarin.Forms the way forward !

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    joe wood

    Xamarin is now free :D

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    @joe wood: I'm glad Xamarin is free now -- free is always better -- but even at $1,800 a year, Xamarin's price was totally reasonable. At $100 an hour, that's just 18 hours -- any serious project would spend FAR more than 18 hours rewriting the same app for all mobile platforms. I'd never whine about that, but as I said: FREE IS EVEN BETTER! 

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    Thank you .

    Could  you  please  use same account  for Xamarin and Microsoft  MSDN?

    Now We are in China  far way from USA. Each time we login,  ask me to input my user name and passowd, the server responses so slowly, seems no response  with  network error,ask me to connect Wifi.

    Thank you .


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    What a good debug tool, Inspector!!

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    Awesome as always. N.b with VS2015 update 2 installed, I was still prompted fro my Xamarin account details to build my Android Apps.

    I am really impressed by the Xamarin investment to Urho3D Sharp API. I have runs the demos. Simply awesome. But I am worried that with Microsoft now owning Xamarin, that they will ask for this investment to be aborted, in favour of Microsoft encouraging Indie Game developers to use Unity.

    Will Xamarin continue to invest into Urho3D ? I really hope so.

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    Xamarin University not complete list, currently we get is self learning material.

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    @conmeobeo:it is

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    please show tell us more about F# in Xamarin :)

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    That's a cool thing that it is now free. Thanks Microsoft :)


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    its a shame they charge 2 grand i hope google will replace them

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