HoloLens: Building UWP 2D Apps for Microsoft HoloLens

Play HoloLens: Building UWP 2D Apps for Microsoft HoloLens
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The Discussion

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    Can you confirm if anyone from CoroWare will be there supporting Microsoft and Hololens during this event?


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    Thanks  [H]  for upload the video.

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    In the talk you say that sharing won't work on HoloLens today.  What is the correct way to detect that sharing is not enabled? - since you specifically called out to not use device detection.

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    For HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset & Acer mixed reality headset, which category I have to select? These devices will fall in Windows 10 HoloLens family?
    I have app live on XBOX One, so what I have to do extra things to make that live on HoloLens and these 2 devices?

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