Pen and Ink: Inking at the Speed of Thought

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With the power of Windows Ink you can now add the ability to ink in your apps to unleash the power of the pen. It provides solutions which are easy to enable inking, with only requires minimal investments to access updated tools and functionality that previously were not possible in Windows. Windows Ink will also enable the flexibility to ensure your personal touch can shine through with ink. So are your apps able to ink at the speed of thought?



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    {UPDATE: InkToolbar is available from SDK 14332]

    I am dying to use these goodies, but I can't seem to do it: InkToolbar is not a known control. I assumed it was because the SDK (10586) simply wasn't up-to-date. Today SDK 14295 came out and I still have NO InkToolbar. What am I missing here? Thanks, already

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    Can you please share the code sample for win32 apps. 

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    @jsrivast: Hi, I can't actually give that code sample, but maybe this will help: You will need to find a way to host the UWP inking controls in a Desktop app. Never done that and am not entirely sure if and how well it might work. What framework? WPF or WinForms. Should be possible in both, I think

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    Francis Zhou

    Hi Stephen, unfortunately SDK 14295 does not include the XAML InkToolbar control, it will come with the next SDK update.

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    Francis Zhou

    Hi Jsrivast,

    We are working on a public sample of Win32 InkPresenter API, it should be available in a couple of months through GitHub. Meanwhile, please refer to MSDN documentation here:

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    @Francis Zhou: Hi Francis, I have since my post installed SDK 14332 which indeed includes the InkToolbar. But I thank you for the information.

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    can you position the ruler at a specific coordinate position in the InkCanvas?

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