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Come learn about our Microsoft Mapping and Location technologies (Web, XAML and REST APIs). Learn how to take advantage of the many functionalities used in the Windows Maps app in your own XAML- and web-based applications. We have many updates to share and some exciting map features to help you make better sense of business data.



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Marriott Salon 6



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    Bing Maps V8 Resources:

    Getting a Bing Maps key:

    An authentication key is required to use Bing Maps in your application. You can get one from the following places:

    Questions & Feedback:

    Please use the Bing Maps forums our email me at

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    The UWP Map control is practically unusable on Windows IoT Core on Raspberry Pi 2, because nobody bothered to implement a graphics driver with hardware acceleration. Instead, it provides Microsoft Basic Render Driver, which is quite slow in displaying maps. I wrote about this in many places, but didn't get any reaction from Microsoft.

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    Another big problem with UWP Map control is very limited flexibility of custom tile sources. In particular, there is no way to force tiles refresh, which makes many dynamic scenarios like traffic information practically impossible. There are workarounds for this like reattaching the tile source every time you need to update the tiles, but this is very performance inefficient and visually flickering. Again, this was posted in several places including insider feedback in early windows 10 version, but after about a year MS didn't bothered to make this scenario possible.

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    @andriysavin: I've shared your feedback with our IoT Core Operating System team. Graphic Acceleration is supported in other IoT Core devices such as - MinnowBoard Max (MDM), Dragon Board, and nVidia board made by Toradex.

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    @andriysavin: Thanks for your feedback around forcing refresh action on tiles. I've added to our backlog. For now, you would need to remove it and add it back for forcing the refresh activity on tiles.

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    @apurvathanky​  thank you for listening!

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    PLAY ALL/!!!...

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    It's 2019 now, and...

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