Notification Futures: Action Center in the Cloud and the Windows Notification Platform

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Notifications are one of the primary ways you interact with your customers on Windows Platforms. In the next release of Windows 10, Action Center and toast notifications are evolving to help you get the content you care about no matter where you are and to make you more productive than ever with Action Center in the Cloud. Developers will be able to use notification mirroring and forwarding to drive app engagement on Windows even from their apps on other platforms. We have built upon the strength of the converged platform to deliver new enterprise management capabilities while continuing to drastically increase notification reliability. Windows notifications payloads are becoming more flexible and we have a reimagined notification UI we can’t wait to share with you. This session will cover both the new notification experiences for end users and the developer scenarios you can build using the notification platform making the next release of Windows 10 the most engaging notification platform for your app.



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Marriott Salon 6



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The Discussion

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    If Cortana isn't supported user region, this functions won't work. Right?

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    Alexis Menard


    In the talk it was mentioned that a new sample of code was pushed for COM/Activation of notifications in the context of Win32 apps. Where is this? Will be updated?


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    As a first adopter of Native notifications from azure since Win 8.0, I found this talk super confusing. Whilst the last audience question resolved some parts, I'm still uneasy about Cortana requirements, lack of ios support etc.. if I want this functionality.

    I'm confident in saying I get 50/50 positive/negative comments about notifications in my app. I don't hear anything here that's going to help..

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    If it relies on Cortana then its the weak point as it is currently only supported in 15 regions.

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    Well done Microsoft. I was mostly doing all this using teamviewer my Andriod. But it will be efficient and effective if we get it in windows. Awsome work guys.

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    Upvote iron2000 downvote AsadM. Apologies if I have not understood your English.

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    Here's the scenario: Win10 PC at work using a work MSA login, personal phone using a personal MSA login. How do I enable any of this? Cortana only supports a single account, how can I tell Cortana to use my personal account on my work PC?

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    hi Alexis Menard, the sample code is published here and yes the blog post will be updated soon.

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    Thanks lei for the link. (Alexis)

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    Forgive me, but could you share the link to the blog post?

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    I am already getting 'missed call' notifications on my win 10 laptop from my windows 8.1 phone?

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