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    Beautiful things, Scotts -

    Question: how do I open the "how do I" window, is that an extension?

    Googling that is not pretty :)

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    Scott Hanselman should host more events.
    I think the .NET team really outdid themselves this time. I just saw things that I didn't know is even possible. Now I have to have them. Great job guys.

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    I want to believe...

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    "There should be nothing you cannot build with .net" - Scott Hunter
    What about one of the most dynamic areas of functionality of our day - *client-side web*?

    Any thoughts of shimming .net core over typescript, or maybe even wasm?

    Like moonbrain and many others, I too 'want to believe'...



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    Vikas Dangwal

    Hey Guys, Can we get some free awesome T-shirts from microsoft? :) :) .NET and Xamrin logo in it?

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    Kenneth Truyers

    Around 31:00 they say the new c# features will come with the new wave of tools. However, the features they show include string interpolation, which is already available in C# 6

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    When is tomorrow, e.g. when will the .NET standard library be available ?

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    The unification of the .NET Standard Library across all 3 domains (.NET Framework, .NET Core, and Xamarin) is outstanding news! Now, there are also opportunities for unification at the App Model layer: WPF, UWP, and Xamarin.Forms all use different dialects of XAML. Ideally, these XAML dialects should also be consolidated, such that the unification would be complete: common infrastructure at the bottom of the stack, .NET Standard Library at the middle of the stack, and XAML App Model at the top of the stack. One can also imagine that even ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core could replace HTML with XAML (sort of a Silverlight revival) via compilation to WebAssembly. Are there any thoughts being given to unifying XAML at the App Model layer?

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    "How do I" windows is a part of Bing Developer Assistant.

    but,Bing Assistant for VS "15" preview is not public yet.

    I hope it comes soon

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    Can I get those slides that they showed?

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