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    Marius Bancila

    There's been a lot of great cross platform features in VC++ lately. Great work.

    My question: when will you come with a modern, cross-platform, UI framework?

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    it's called qt

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    1:20 "The same kind of tools that exist for Windows and Mac (Xcode and Visual Studio), that's not the case in Linux".

    *massive facepalm*

    There are about a million IDE's for Linux. Take a look at QtCreator - you get code completion, refactoring, symbol lookup, memory analysis with Valgrind, function profiling, graphical debugging, etc, etc, etc. Basically it is the complete (and more) Visual Studio experience cross-platform. Please stop making these kinds of ignorant statements and go enlighten yourself.


    Other than that - VS Code is fine, it's a good project but I don't like the ignorant claims.

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    This is awesome!

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