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    36 hours until keynote and still no title or description posted. 

    If you are taking requests, please talk a bit about the plans for F# and Xamarin going forward. 

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    Ben Lappin

    I can't wait to hear whether Xamarin will be included in the MSDN subscription. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! (And yes, go F#.)

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    @Tlingit: That's likely because the subject of this session will be announced at, or part of, the Day One Keynote and they don't want to give it away (this is standard practice for Build...).

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    i need news on lightswitch

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    ASP.NET Core, the ASP.NET equivalent of Windows 8. Looking forward to when Microsoft builds a worthy successor to Web Forms. MVC isn't it. It may be time to start evaluating non-Microsoft alternatives.

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    @Jon: don't be a dinosaur :) successor of WebForms is HTML+JavaScript+WebApi despite all the problems it brings. Don't expect serverside ui framework that will replace webforms. it will never come

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    My understanding is that @Jon is not talking about porting Web Forms to ASP.NET Core. He is talking about server-side component framework as opposed to the inferior Rails MVC model. For example Node.js gets server-side React (modern framework that is ideologically close to Web Forms and very far from ASP.NET MVC)

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