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Day 1 of Build 2016 Keynote featuring Satya Nadella, Terry Myerson, Kevin Gallo, Phil Spencer, Alex Kipman, Lili Cheng and others.

[00:53] Satya Nadella Kicks off Build 2016
[04:47] Microsoft Mission
[05:47] Mobile First Cloud First
[11:13] Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President, Windows and Devices Group
[13:47] Windows 10 - 270+ Million People
[15:34] Windows 10 2016 Anniversary Update
[17:28] Bryan Roper - Cortana, Ink and more
[23:19] The Ruler rocks...
[28:58] Terry Myerson on Universal Windows Platform
[30:38] Facebook Universal Windows Platform App's, including Audience Network and App Install SDK
[33:08] Kevin Gallo - Windows is Home of Developers
[37:13] 1000+ New Invocations, Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 & Anniversary SDK Preview
[38:27] Bash is coming to Windows
[42:18] Desktop App Converter
[46:03] Targeting Xamarin & Microsoft Band 2
[50:08] Phil Spencer, Corporate Vice President, Windows and Devices Group, Head of Xbox
[52:20] Windows 10, best platform for game developers
[57:55] Xbox Dev Mode, with Ashley Speicher
[1:03:50] DirectX 12
[1:05:31] Alex Kipman, Technical Fellow, Windows and Devices Group
[1:06:39] HoloLens Ships!
[1:11:27] Pamela B. Davis, M.D.m Ph.D., Dean, School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University and the HoloLens
[1:17:37] Let's go to Mars!
[1:20:36] Satya Nadella, "Making Windows the Dev Box of Choice"
[1:28:23] Conversations as a Platform
[1:30:23] Marcus Ash, Cortana, Partner Group Program Manager
[1:32:23] Cortana Scheduling in Outlook
[1:37:42] Cortana actions and developer portal
[1:38:17] Just Eat
[1:40:34] Conversation Canvases
[1:42:35] Lilian Rincon, Principal Group Program Manager, Skype Consumer
[1:49:02] Skype Video Bots
[1:49:20] Skype Bot SDK,
[1:52:17] Satya Nadella, "Every developer will build a bot"
[1:52:55] Cortana Intelligence Suite
[1:54:02] Dan Driscoll, Senior SDE
[1:55:14] Got Bot?
[1:55:17] No Bot?
[1:55:36] Meet Bot
[1:56:00] Pizza Bot!
[1:59:22] Lili Cheng, Distinguished Engineer, "Building the Pizza Bot's Brains"
[2:05:50] Cornelia Carapcea, Senior PM, Cognitive APIs
[2:07:13] "What is in this image" demo
[2:07:58] CaptionBot
[2:09:32] CRIS
[2:12:55] Satya Nadella, "Imagine what's possible"
[2:13:37] Imagine today and the future with Saqib Shaikh


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