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    Great stuff.

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              EXCELLENT STUFF..      

           "A brand new open Microsoft" 

    Some Moonlight into the Core, Opensource, Xamarin, TypeScript, Ubuntu debugging, bash..

          Conversation as a Plattform 

                     Or is it more the.....

               Dialog as a Plattform

    Dialogs promote peace; just have to convince the rest of the alphabet that they don't have to wear googles to be sharp --> CSharp (with or without a (Holo)Lens)

    Being too close to the sun might not be too advisable;-)


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    Could you please add also low quality 360p download link?

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    At 2:15:53 he says that .NET now is fully open-sourced.  Well, that's not entirely true.  WPF is not open-sourced, and many of us wish it would be.  Still, lots of exciting news, so I'm happy.

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    They mentioned a ios simulator does that mean also we will get compilation without a requirement without a mac ?. I would love to develop for ios but cost of owning a mac is to great.

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    @David38ni Yes, you still need to have a mac to do the build for iOS. But because you can do that remotely, you can do that either with a Mac Mini (starts at $499) ~or~ we've also been working with a company called MacInCloud so you can dispatch to a build server in their hosted cloud from Visual Studio Team Services. Look here to learn more:

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    Microsoft , please buy apple and make it open source !

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    Please add compressed video versions. These are too large.

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    It was already possible to compile on a Mac remotely, so I think the demo was misleading. It and Miguel implied you didn't need a Mac.

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    @mrjimmy: I think what Miguel was trying to show was you no longer have to go to a Mac to run the application. We now have an iOS emulator on Windows which we never had before. But I can see how it could have been confusing. 

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    Great stuff but please add space bar pause and a quick 15 sec rewind using the arrow key to your video player.

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    @AmandaS:Thanks for clarifying Amanda :)

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    Try the channel 9 APP.

    download mp4 will give you 360p

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    [10:23] Migel shows off Xamarin by creating a new project in Visual Studio > Installed Templates > Visual C# > iOS > iPhone. How did he get all those templates? What version of Visual Studio is he using? What updates or plugins do I download to be able to see what he sees?

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    @SheBuildsGames:Make sure you checked the box during the install of VS to add the Xamarin tools.

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