Data Development 1: Gain Near Real-Time Insights with IoT Analytics

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    Notes for performing lab were incomplete. Time pressure prevented completion of the lab for some, myself included....

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    Was originally turned away from this session, a disappointing and infuriating outcome for someone who had paid thousands of dollars to attend.  The session was repeated several times, but attending a repeat meant that I missed other sessions I had wanted to attend.  In my experience, lab sessions in general were underprovisioned and unable to meet the demand for them.  The whole arrangement of having to arrive "at least an hour" early, as one nice woman who managed access to the lab advised, then having to obtain a ticket and stand around waiting for the door to open, was poorly designed and executed, and made a profoundly unfavorable impression on this and many other paid attendees.  The entire event seemed to have been designed with minimum upfront investment and lowest final cost as its primary design goals. On balance, I now believe that my physical attendance at Build 2016 was a mistake, and the substantial expense of the conference, travel, lodging, and meals (in many cases it did not seem a good idea to eat the food provided) could have been better invested.  Thanks for this opportunity to respond to the experience, and I wish everyone at Microsoft, and the company itself, all the best.  My whole career has been made possible by your company.  This conference was not a high point, unfortunately.

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