IoT Development 1: Intro to Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi 3

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Did you know Windows 10 runs on the Raspberry Pi? In this lab, get hands-on experience building a UWP app which runs on tiny devices. Learn how to build, deploy, and debug your app, and how to configure the device.

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Code Lab




Moscone 2018

The Discussion

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    is internal wi-fi and Bluetooth is supported for pi 3 in this release?

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    in this build on-board led is accessible or not for pi 3?

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    Know someone when this session recording will be online?

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    What about GPU acceleration for Pi? I tested a graphic intensive app on both Pi 2 and DragonBoard 410, the different is dramatic, which means either the Snapdragon 410 has a GPU 100x better than Pi or the Pi GPU is not utilized...

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    @simpleatsh, I have the same concern, Windows IoT Core uses software driver (Microsoft Basic Render Driver) for graphics rendering. I think is shame to not utilize graphics hardware we pay for! Its enough to display the Map control to see how poor performance is.

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    Is this ever going to be available?

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     In the Workshop at Build the Wifi was working on the PI3.  How was this done? how do we add drivers?

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    Florian S

    You know, Microsoft probably got the biggest and greatest cloud infrastructure in the world, yet they don't seem to have the resources to make some recordings available within a few hours or days... it's almost a week since the event now.

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    @Florian S: I was there, there was nothing to record.  Just the labs


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    Hi All.

    There's no recording of this lab. However, we do have an IoT MVA which covers the same material.

    On-board LED on Pi3. We didn't use it for the lab. I know it's not accessible the old way, but I haven't checked on any update.

    The WiFi driver for the on-board WiFi was not yet ready for Build, so we used WiFi dongles like you would on the Pi 2. It's coming, though.

    Windows 10 IoT Core on the Pi does not have GPU accelerated video. The Pi has a very different type of video system that doesn't meet the required DirectX feature level. If you want HW accelerated video, I recommend using the Dragonboard or another IoT Core compatible board.


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