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    I've created a Japanese translation of the document .
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    I tried to implement what you showed in our App but I didn't succeed to retrieve the GattService.

    I call the DeviceInformationCustomPairing.PairAsync, the system prompt the confirm dialog, I start my Watcher :

    string selector = "(" + GattDeviceService.GetDeviceSelectorFromUuid(Constants.MIXFADER_DATA_MAIN_SERVICE_UUID) + ") AND (System.DeviceInterface.Bluetooth.DeviceAddress:=\"" + bleDeviceAddress.ToString("X") + "\")";

    _gattServiceWatcher = DeviceInformation.CreateWatcher(selector);

    And if I call to GattDeviceService.FromIdAsync(args.Id) the response is always null.

    I also tried to the GetGattService method from BluetoothLEDevice but the result is the same.

    Can you help me ?

    One more thing, I couldn't find the source code in GitHub, can you give me a link please ?

    Thanks you,


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    Code for this session (and all the other code samples presented by Bluetooth at //Build) can be found here:

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    Thanks for the code. 

    I've looked at it and I don't know if it is by design or not but you create multiple GattServiceWatcher. It's one of these instances which can access the GattService.

    If I change your code to only create one GattServiceWatcher, I can't access my GattService anymore :/


    If you want we can talk about it by mail.

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    Multiple BLE device connection issue Windows 10 UWP

    My requirement is to "connect and send signal to 11 BLE device" at the same time i developed my whole UWP application but now i'm facing app is not able to communicate with 11 BLE device at a time i don't understand whats wrong i checked all scenario with multiple changes in my app but still i'm not satisfied. is there windows device problem ?
    i'm using feather bluefruit 32u4 BLE slave device and windows 10 compbook as a master.please help me.

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    Hi, Nice video. What kind of phone were you using?

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