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Don't leave your device without a companion! Ease user frustration and market yourselves to potential customers by delivering a performant app experience on Windows 10. With the new Bluetooth in app pairing APIs, it is easy to guide users down the righteous path and prevent common pitfalls of the pairing process. Learn how to query for nearby Bluetooth devices, gain user consent and quickly set up your Bluetooth LE device.



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    I've created a Japanese translation of the document .
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    I tried to implement what you showed in our App but I didn't succeed to retrieve the GattService.

    I call the DeviceInformationCustomPairing.PairAsync, the system prompt the confirm dialog, I start my Watcher :

    string selector = "(" + GattDeviceService.GetDeviceSelectorFromUuid(Constants.MIXFADER_DATA_MAIN_SERVICE_UUID) + ") AND (System.DeviceInterface.Bluetooth.DeviceAddress:=\"" + bleDeviceAddress.ToString("X") + "\")";

    _gattServiceWatcher = DeviceInformation.CreateWatcher(selector);

    And if I call to GattDeviceService.FromIdAsync(args.Id) the response is always null.

    I also tried to the GetGattService method from BluetoothLEDevice but the result is the same.

    Can you help me ?

    One more thing, I couldn't find the source code in GitHub, can you give me a link please ?

    Thanks you,


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    Code for this session (and all the other code samples presented by Bluetooth at //Build) can be found here:

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    Thanks for the code. 

    I've looked at it and I don't know if it is by design or not but you create multiple GattServiceWatcher. It's one of these instances which can access the GattService.

    If I change your code to only create one GattServiceWatcher, I can't access my GattService anymore :/


    If you want we can talk about it by mail.

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    Multiple BLE device connection issue Windows 10 UWP

    My requirement is to "connect and send signal to 11 BLE device" at the same time i developed my whole UWP application but now i'm facing app is not able to communicate with 11 BLE device at a time i don't understand whats wrong i checked all scenario with multiple changes in my app but still i'm not satisfied. is there windows device problem ?
    i'm using feather bluefruit 32u4 BLE slave device and windows 10 compbook as a master.please help me.

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    Hi, Nice video. What kind of phone were you using?

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