Beyond Beacons: Proximal Awareness with Bluetooth LE

Play Beyond Beacons: Proximal Awareness with Bluetooth LE

The Discussion

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    Great stuff !

    Where can I find the sample code for this ?

    Is there a sample on how to create your own beacon supporting the GATT (or RFCOMM) communication ?

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    thanks for this demo.

    Is there something changed for the trigger?  I already tried out a small app and I thought I can only filter by the Company ID (local name is not always supported). What, when I want to look for more than one beacon at the same time (with different Company IDs)?
    Until now, I did not found a solution.

    Another question comes up, because I found very cheap keyfinder beacons in different stores. But these beacons stop the communication after a short time, when they are not paired with one device. Can I communicate with these beacons with the existing functions in an UWP app?



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    Code for this session (and all the other code samples presented by Bluetooth at //Build) can be found here:

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    Cool demo. Thank you!

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    Great session. Thanks.
    When will it be possible to use the Bluetooth LE APIs for standard C# programs (non universal apps)?

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    hii kiran,
    I'm working on UWP framework.
    here i'm using Bluetooth pen device for connectivity i used socket connection(StreamSocket).
    when Bluetooth pen device is connected with socket that time ,i'm unable to get System.Devices.Aep.SignalStrength property value from Bluetooth device.
    How can i get System.Devices.Aep.SignalStrength value in this situation???
    Please reply

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