Business-to-Consumer Identity Management with Azure Active Directory B2C

Play Business-to-Consumer Identity Management with Azure Active Directory B2C

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    I'm looking forward to trying this out.  Hope to see Twitter supported soon.

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    All in all a typical marketing demo. I can view the GUI myself and dont need 15 mins of video to tell me that clicking the MFA option will enable MFA. Little technical information. What is B2C (no deep dive) ? How does it compare to a regular AD ? How do we manage the users ? Can I create a custom domain for my B2C ?

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    @DannR: If you want a deep dive, why watch a level 200 video??

    It doesn't compare to regular AD, it compares to Azure AD in that it's just another AAD application and as such has some properties that you can get/ set via Graph API or Azure Portal, same goes for user management ;)

    If you haven't seen it then try this video it might be more like what you're looking for.

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    Could you please elaborate on 5000 Authentication free. I have understood 50000 MAU(Monthly Active Users). If users are more than 50000+ will be charging.

    But for authentication how Azure AD B2C charging.

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