Hosted Web Apps Myth #6: Hosted Web Apps Can’t Run in the Background

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Hosted Web Apps on Windows 10 can do more than ever before but that isn’t always clear. People often times have thoughts and questions similar to these: “can I call native APIs form JS on the web?”, “it can’t be that simple”, “websites don’t look like apps”, “how can my web code work offline?”, “web apps have slow UI” and more. This session will take the top 10 myths surrounding Hosted Web Apps and debunk them through code samples, demos and videos. It will cover how Hosted Web Apps can exemplify a range of native app features from offline capabilities to fast, fluid and responsive UI.



The Discussion

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    These are all really great things, but they are not presented in a cross platform way, which makes it an issue for mobile and thus adoption. It would be very interesting to see the solution for the other 2 mobile platforms for each Myth, where it is applicable, and where it is not point that out.


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