Windows Device Portal – Diagnose Windows Devices from the Comfort of Your Browser

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Device control and diagnostics from the convenience of your browser.  Windows Device Portal will be included on all Windows 10 devices, coming in the April Tech Preview.  From Device Portal, UWP developers can sideload their apps, get performance and ETW traces, and interact with their device, using the same set of tools and REST APIs regardless of platform. This video will go over tools on Phone and HoloLens, show off new UI coming from Xbox, and show you how to use Device Portal from the command line.



The Discussion

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    Peter Meinl

    Sadly Device Portal does not offer browsing the phone file system to explore ApplicationData settings (and in my case custom trace files located there).

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    Hey Peter - we're working on that for an upcoming flight on mobile, and you can see it in the next flight on desktop! 

    If you have any feedback or feature suggestions, we follow our Uservoice pretty closely :) 

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