Windows Unlock with IoT Devices

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    Right on!!

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    What happens when this happens? PC has multiple user accounts. Each user has a registered Band or other BT companion device for their own login authentication. Several users then come near the PC.

    Also, does the authentication protocol use D-H key exchange and message sequence security or some other method to secure the communication so that outside devices cannot intercept and potentially spoof the authentication?

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    bom de mais

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    Exciting work and great demo!

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    Rajkin Hossain

    Hello, I have run your sample app and set device id to my android phone serial number. Unfortunately, I didn't get any notification to my android mobile. The steps i followed.

    1-> set device id as my android mobile serial number
    2-> Press Register Device -> press pc pin
    3-> Select my mobile serial number from the list
    4-> Press Register BGTask
    5-> Swipe up PC.

    My PC unlocks but didn't get any notification to my android phone. Please advice. Thanks.

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