UI Test Automation for Browsers and Apps Using the WebDriver Standard

Play UI Test Automation for Browsers and Apps Using the WebDriver Standard
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Looking for an update on UI Test Automation? This session covers both Browser and App testing. Great news for Windows application testing! We are launching a new UI test service based on the WebDriver standard. We'll explain why we’re adopting the WebDriver standard for application testing and show a demo using this service. We also cover how to run web application tests targeting multiple browsers using Selenium. And we’ll we give you a glimpse on how to execute tests continuously in CI/RM.



The Discussion

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    For more info on Windows Application Driver including a link to download the beta:



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    Cannot wait to start playing with this.

    Any plans to:


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    Hi Troy,

    Thanks for saying hi on Friday at //Build, was great to meet you.  Yes, we are investigating open sourcing.  The Grid is definitely something we'd like to support.  And yes contributing to the existing open source efforts is definitely part of the plan.

    The two primary ways we're tracking requests
    Feature Requests: https://wpdev.uservoice.com/forums/110705-universal-windows-platform/category/161358-ui-testing
    Logging Bugs: https://github.com/Microsoft/WinAppDriver

    Also this video includes additional discussion about WinAppDriver




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    Avi Brenner

    How does this fit with existing tools like CodedUI. Not sure if your team is anyway related to team building CodedUI but the investment in CodedUI for UWP seems to be minimal.

    Just looking for correct messaging going forward on what UI automation stack our team should be focused on using.

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    @Avi Brenner

    WinAppDriver is the new way of writing UI tests targeting all UWP applications and we recommend you using it. We will continue to support Coded UI for Winforms, WPF and all other applications.

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    Type in url for download. 'aks' sb 'aka'

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    For UI Test Automation you can try to use Screenster ( http://screenster.io ). It is a visual testing tool which does not require coding skills to build tests. On my recent projects we have PMs and developers recording tests and we find it to be a much better alternative to Selenium. We even automated CSS testing of web pages because there’s a lot of smart logic targeted at test maintenance.

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    Ravi Bhanu Yadav

    By when we can expect the windows driver support for the Xbox apps.

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    Well, I am sorry to say that I am pretty worried about this. I am using CodedUI, day to day, since two years know. I have multiple issues while supporting 18 languages, Windows 8.1 and 10, 8 different hardwares, different UI Frameworks (from Windows Forms, custom C# framework, WPF to C++). And seeing that resources are used for something similar in therm of features, it's damn scary to think about how long CodedUI will still be supported even if you say different ("Hello Silverlight...").

    I would have preferred an evolution of CodedUI instead to restart from the begging. Also, let's be honest, and I don't mean to be harsh, but I still don't see a futur for UWP applications (when OS's embedded calculator is slower to start than Chrome and it occasionally crashes, that smells fishy...).

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    Is it used for UI testing of Azure Blades.


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    Yosef is such a great communicator.

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    how can i get "LegacyIAccessible.Description"

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    I'm looking for automating an hybrid app where some of the controls are now Web using CEF.
    When i run WinAppDriver, the whole window comes up as Chromium document.
    Is there a way to recognize the controls with out opening a debugging remote port?

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