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    I've followed the advice described in this video, and I'm still getting more sales at the XBLIG Marketplace that at the Windows Store for the very same games. I don't deny that there has been an improvement at the Windows Store, but there is still much more to do.
    * This video makes reference to link (please do read the comments on that article):
    * Keywords still don't work well. True, after 7 months of complains, now they are somewhat working, but not quite yet: It is still better to add the keywords to the App's name, even if that results in a silly name.
    * In-App purchases are buggy, just sample some user's feedback and you will find many complains about them, e.g. they are lost if the App is re-installed.
    * An App needs downloads to get a good reputation, and yet it needs a good reputation to get downloads. It's a "Catch 22".
    * The only thing that works well is to pay for advertising.

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