Customizing Your Device Experience with Assigned Access

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    Hard to understand speaker...

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    The last reviewer is correct and it is the understatement of the year - I literally could not make it more than 2 min before I had to stop the video because this woman speaks such HORRIBLE English why on earth is she assigned to teach a MS video like this?!? This has nothing to do but whether she is the best person for the job, and if NOBODY can understand what she is saying - she cannot POSSIBLY be the best person for this job and someone else should be assigned the task of presenting.

    I really wanted to see this content for our enterprise so hopefully MS can possibly have somebody else in their large org that is a SME on this but also that speaks proper fluent English and can communicate the content re-publish something similar.

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    rogelio lorenzo masson

    Trato de configurar, pero me cuesta. Se me puede ayudara?. Gracias

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    Please another voice, it´s hard to understand and i´m not even an english-native person.
    I´m just looking how to put a time limit for my child, can´t find it anywhere :(

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    Not sure who was responsible for deciding that this was of an acceptable standard to release, but they shouldn't be in their job. Unable to understand more than half of what she says, which renders this video utterly useless. Thank you Microsoft!

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    Need to mute the video to go through the slide as it is very distracting.

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