User Segmentation and Targeted Push Notifications for UWP Apps

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Engaging with your user base at the right time and with the appropriate message is key to your success as an app developer. Windows Dev Center provides a data-driven customer engagement platform that UWP app developers can leverage to create segments of customers, share relevant information using push notifications and measure the effectiveness of your communications.

This feature is now available for all UWP developers to use. For details, see Send targeted push notifications to your app's customers.

For more information, check out this course on Microsoft Virtual Academy:



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The Discussion

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    Is the functionality available yet in the Dev Center to build the customer groups? The demo looked as if it was under Analytics but we weren't shown how to navigate to it.

    It also wasn't clear what setup was required on the Push notifications side. Is it necessary to use an intermediate service like Azure Mobile Services or can the notifications now be sent directly?


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    May I ask about How to create a Group? Can provide step by step?

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    Hi PhilipColmer, Dev Center segmentation and targeted push notifications features will be made broadly available in the Summer. User segmentation will be part of the Dev Center analytics. You can send Push Notifications directly from Dev Center without any intermediate service.



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    Hi CheahEngSoon​, the customer groups feature with documentation and samples will be made broadly available in the Summer. Thanks – Yamil

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