Spatial Data Management and Visualization with Bing Maps

Play Spatial Data Management and Visualization with Bing Maps
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With ever increasing amounts of connected "things" and volumes of data, visual representations are often key to decode the meaning behind the data and make better informed decision. The geospatial and temporal contexts provide us with additional dimensions to pivot and understand the data. In this session we have a quick look at Microsoft products and services that make spatial not special before we dive into new features in Bing Maps and Spatial Data Services that allow us to manage and visualize geospatial data in the Microsoft Cloud and make them accessible across devices.



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    Gregg Daugherty

    I tried using 2 columns in excel, then the 2016 map tool inside excel. I places all my points about 200 meters different than actual (and I know actual because its my house, and 2 other map services show it accurately. Does the excel tool expect some special format? its in Decimal lat lon....

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