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With Windows 10, your phone can work like your PC.  Continuum for phone enables you to connect a Windows mobile device to any external display with the new Microsoft Display Dock, USB-C, or Miracast.   Users can leverage a keyboard and mouse and other peripherals to get the productivity and entertainment value of a PC with the portability, cost, and convenience of a single device. Come see Continuum in action!



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The Discussion

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    NIce features. Does the beaming to PC require the ScreenBeam Mini2 or can you use your wireless (WIFI) connection to do this?

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    Really great session, thank you so much, Liz. What MS is doing ATM is potentially going to be so big. Amazing.

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    @Dominic: No other hardware is needed to project to a PC - your PC just has to be miracast enabled and have Wi-Fi on.  Thanks for watching!

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    So, does this have split-screen multitasking? Having two apps side by side would be one very important feature to give this mode of usage full usability.

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    Do I need some type of miracast usb device connected to my Surface Pro 4 to get the project to PC to work?

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    Amazing stuff! Being able to project to any windows 10 pc is a game changer. Great job MS. Will this come with the anniversary edition?

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    @abc:Great feature request! This is not available at this time but is definitely something we're thinking about - thanks!

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    @Michael: No other hardware is needed to project to your surface pro 4 - it should just work with the anniversary update.  Thanks for watching!

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    @Suave: Yes, this functionality will come in the anniversary update - thanks for watching!

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    Quite interesting,

    Although I'm skeptical about the new form factor. It seems to me a cheap but good smartphone - and Microsoft has some of those - plus a good laptop, would appeal to more people than a very  expensive smartphone with a dumb terminal in a laptop form factor. I could be wrong.

    Using a computer at a parent's house, or at friends, as a screen + keyboard + mouse for a continuum phone, now that seems a very interesting scenario for work, and even perhaps for play if an Xbox controller attached to the laptop would work with continuum.

    Not having a 950, I'm wondering if you can use it with a Bluetooth keyboard (btw Microsoft please stop producing wireless-with-dongle-but-not-Bluetooth-compatible keyboards and mice, the all-in-one media keyboard would be perfect with no dongle and Bluetooth instead) and mouse.

    As a heavy user of Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter to project my 930, Surface and laptops, it seems to me WDA+Keyboard+continuum would be a great combination anywhere an FHD tv is available.





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    If you add Windowed mode of continuum, that for sure will rock the mainstream.  Imagine having several instances of edge opened, several calculator windows opened, and excel, word in regular windows.  As an option, it should also be tablet mode, with snap apps.

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